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Prizefighter Jimmy Nolan, facing an opportunity to get a championship fight, is knocked out when he sustains what is apparently a permanent injury to his arm. From there, Nolan's path leads downhill. He is drawn into a romance with a nightclub entertainer, then is framed on a theft charge by a jealous suitor. After his prison term, Nolan makes a spectacular comeback in a fight which proves his courage and integrity, while disproving the fallacy about the old sports adage that "they never come back."
Jimmy (Regis Toomey) finds out his mother has died just before his big fight. Of course he loses but he also injures his arm. Because he can&#39;t fight anymore he gets a job as a bouncer at a swanky night club. He also becomes smitten with Adele (cute Dorothy Sebastian), a dancer, who is having trouble with Mr. Filmore, the owner. Her brother, Ralph, (Eddie Woods, who co-starred with James Cagney in &quot;The Public Enemy&quot;) has been stealing money from the till, Filmore finds out and forces him to frame Jimmy. Ralph confesses to Adele, so she romances Filmore to get him to confess so Jimmy can be released from jail. Jimmy gets out of jail on good behaviour and finds out what is happening. He goes back for one last fight to win a purse of $1,000, to pay back the money.<br/><br/>It is not as bad as the reviewers make out. Both the stars do the best they can with the material. Dorothy Sebastian was a great little star in the silents but in talkies her career strangely petered out. In this film she photographs nicely and has a very cute personality - sometimes very hard to get across in these cheap movies. Gertrude Astor from &quot;The Cat and the Canary&quot; (1927) plays Kate, one of the nightclub managers. Regis Toomey, on the other hand, after debuting in &quot;Alibi&quot; (1929) didn&#39;t stop working until just before his death at 93!!!
In his autobiography, Yakima Canutt doesn&#39;t mention They Never Come Back (1932) in which he obviously doubled for Regis Toomey in the hard-hitting boxing scenes. And no wonder! It&#39;s a time-wasting movie despite the presence of an attractive female threesome in the persons of Dorothy Sebastian, Greta Granstedt and Gertrude Astor. The male players, on the other hand, are strictly from hunger. It&#39;s enough to say that Kit Guard, in an uncredited role as Toomey&#39;s second, walks away with the big boys&#39; acting honors. The boring script also rates as unintentionally ridiculous and Fred Newmeyer&#39;s direction (or rather lack of direction) totally inept.

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